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Human resource decisions such as hiring the right and motivated people and matching employees to the right jobs are crucial for every organization. Poor decisions can cost thousands of euros in wasted recruitment and training costs, low productivity, and missed business opportunity.

Determining which individuals possess the personality associated with effective work behaviors is key to successful employee selection and development.

STEP4WARD Management Consulting works with modern intrinsic motivation tools like the LUXXprofile and the Reiss Motivation Profile since 2003.

Research has shown that for many types of jobs, the personality of an employee is more important as cognitive ability. But how do you determine whether individuals have the right basic desires for your jobs? Personality assessments, or intrinsic motivational tests are modern tools that allow organizations to objectively assess job applicant and employees on their behavioral work styles and accurately match them to job requirements.

Individual Employee Selection:

Choosing the right employees for jobs is mission-critical for organizations. Not only does effective selection lead to better individual performance of essential tasks, but it also provides a high-quality pool of workers from which teams can be built and leaders can be drawn. STEP4WARD Management Consulting personality assessments help the employer “get it right” from the outset, because hiring mistakes can have lasting impact.

Individual Career Development:

STEP4WARD Management Consulting personality assessments with intrinsic motivation know how provide even more individual and detailed information for career development assessment and feedback. This information allows organizations to identify and cultivate employees who possess qualities that make them high-potential for expanded and new organizational roles. Furthermore, our personality assessments can be used to provide feedback to workers who may not fully recognize the strengths they can leverage and the areas in which they can further improve.

Individual Leadership Development, Coaching:

An organization with ineffective leaders is like a rudderless ship. Identifying and developing successful leaders is a must. STEP4WARD Management Consulting personality basic desires hr consulting, coaching ad training identify very objective the leadership style strengths and weaknesses of managers, employees and job applicants. Furthermore, our assessments pinpoint contexts in which an individual’s leadership style is likely to be effective and ineffective. With this information, an organization can gauge who would make the best leader for a particular setting, and assess the leadership developmental needs of managers and prospective managers.

Individual Team Building, Team Effectiveness:

STEP4WARD Management Consulting personality inventories assess an applicant’s, or employee’s tendencies toward cooperation, concern for others, and diplomacy; qualities necessary for the effective formation and functioning of work groups. In today’s demanding workplace, the complexity and time-sensitivity of projects make the lone wolf an endangered species. Our hr consulting, coaching and training can help your organization ascertain who would fit best in a team environment and how employees can mature into more effective team members.

Individual Organizational Development:

An organization’s success depends upon the effective performance of its managers and employees; individually, as team players, as leaders, and as direct reports. STEP4WARD Management Consulting personality inventories systematically assess qualities of managers, employees and job applicants that contribute to the organization’s effectiveness. In addition, our management key player consulting, coaching and training provide feedback that allows the organization and its members to cultivate members’ strengths and improve those areas in which further development would be helpful.

Optimizing Human Potential, individual Effectiveness:

In addition to providing rewards to the organization, STEP4WARD Management Consulting benefit managers, employees and job applicants by showing them their strengths and areas for development. Employees generally want to add value and feel needed within the organization. Our daily work and reports clearly communicate an employees’ strengths and potential development areas; which can empower them to optimize their human potential and effectiveness.

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